The Unusual Insurance Policies You Have Never Heard Of

The Unusual Insurance Policies You Have Never Heard Of
  • PublishedDecember 26, 2022

Have you heard about insurance policies that cover your pet’s funeral costs or reimburse you for outfit purchases if a first date goes sour? These are just two examples of unusual policies available today.

Unconventional insurance policies offer coverage for events or scenarios not fully addressed by conventional policies, from pet to zombie apocalypse policies – each tailored specifically to specific needs and interests. From pet to zombie apocalypse coverage there’s sure to be something perfect! From extra layers of protection for unexpected scenarios or just planning ahead for whatever comes along there’s sure to be an unconventional policy out there just waiting to meet you!

Unusual Insurance Policies

1) Pet Insurance

When your pet requires ongoing treatments, pet insurance can protect you from the high costs involved and provide coverage if they go missing. Many policies can even provide coverage for elective procedures like spaying or neutering as well.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance A pet insurance policy should cover not only your own household pets but any additional ones you own as well in case they become injured or sick. When considering purchasing one for any household pets, make sure that it covers their specific needs before making a decision.

2) Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance provides cash reimbursement should an event or guest cancel, protecting you against costs associated with having to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances. Many policies also offer wedding cancellation coverage.

Wedding Insurance

Wedding expense insurance protects against the costs associated with replacing items damaged or lost during your ceremony and reception. Before purchasing wedding expense insurance, be sure it covers everything necessary and fill out all paperwork accurately; any misstep could mean your claim being denied!

3) Zombie Apocalypse Insurance

Zombie Apocalypse Insurance provides just what its name implies – protection from an impending zombie apocalypse. Your premium will depend on how likely it is for zombies to attack your city; should they fail to do so, the premium won’t apply.

Zombie Apocalypse Insurance

Zombie apocalypse insurance also protects you against other catastrophic events, such as solar flares, terrorist attacks, and nuclear war. Before embarking on your zombie hunting expedition of a lifetime, ensure that you purchase this policy beforehand and read through its fine print carefully to make sure it covers everything that awaits you!

4) Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance provides protection in the event that your business falls prey to a cyber attack and customers’ data is stolen or compromised, covering expenses associated with paying customers back and rectifying the problem.

Cyber Liability Insurance

If your industry handles sensitive customer information such as healthcare or finance, Cyber Liability Insurance can serve as an invaluable safeguard against potential liability issues.

5) Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft insurance provides coverage for expenses associated with recovering from identity theft. Depending on the policy chosen, identity theft coverage may cover such expenses as credit monitoring services, legal and court costs, lost wages and more.

Unusual Insurance Policies
Identity Theft Insurance image credit

Always read your policy thoroughly to understand exactly what it covers, as well as whether there will be cash payments or reimbursement for certain expenses.

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These unusual insurance policies represent just some of the many different kinds of policies available today. From pet to zombie apocalypse insurance, there’s bound to be something out there to cover just about everything imaginable – pet to zombie, life to flood insurance and beyond! Insurance provides invaluable protection in times of the unexpected or to cover for events you might never experience directly yourself; keep these unusual plans in mind if you want an extra layer of security or are prepared for anything!