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Nutritious Chocolate: Healthy 5 Ways To Eat Your Cocoa Fix!

Nutritious Chocolate: Healthy 5 Ways To Eat Your Cocoa Fix!
  • PublishedAugust 25, 2022

Nutritional Chocolate:- Everyone knows chocolate is delicious, but not everyone realizes its health benefits are equally impressive. Dark, unprocessed cocoa has numerous proven health advantages over its processed counterpart. Recent research suggests that regular doses of cocoa could protect against heart disease, stroke and even lower your risk of death from any cause. Cocoa contains flavonoids which act as natural antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. Cocoa also contains an important type of fiber called oligogeranendins; beta-caryein, the more bitter tasting beta-caryein is believed to be responsible for many of cocoa’s health benefits. The challenge comes in making sure your cocoa comes from healthy sources and not sugary syrups or cheap fillers disguised as cocoa powder or drinking mixes.

Nutritious Chocolate

1) Nutritious Chocolate:-Drink Your Cocoa

Warm beverages may surprise us by providing many of cocoa’s most health-beneficial nutrients, but that is exactly the case. Flavonoids found in cocoa are sensitive to heat and will quickly be lost when baking or cooking with it in any form. Studies show that cocoa consumed as a beverage is more effective at raising blood levels of flavonoids and their metabolites than eating solid cocoa food alone, so take advantage of hot cocoa made with real cocoa powder containing no added sugar along with milk, water, or milk alternatives!

Drink Your Cocoa
Drink Your Cocoa

2) Nutritious Chocolate:-Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa is an excellent source of flavonoids. Moderation is key at this cocoa level; studies indicate the positive health benefits from cocoa come from consuming between 100-500 mg per day; up to 100g may be beneficial, but anything beyond may cause damage to your health. For optimal health benefits while limiting calories intake, look for dark chocolate with high cocoa content but low sugar and fat contents – this way your health benefits are maximized while calories consumed are minimized!

Eat Dark Chocolate
Eat Dark Chocolate

3) Nutritious Chocolate:-Add Dried Cocoa To Smoothies And Shakes

Cocoa powder can add an antioxidant boost to any smoothie or shake you prepare, so why not incorporate cocoa into all of them? Simply add one tablespoon (about one spoonful) every now and then as an easy way to incorporate cocoa into your diet. Cocoa can even be easily added into homemade protein shakes by simply stirring one or two tablespoons (approx.) into each protein shake you create; cocoa won’t alter its taste either!

4) Nutritious Chocolate:-Add Nibs To Breaksfast Bowls

Cocoa nibs are de-skinned roasted cocoa beans that make an irresistibly delicious addition to breakfast bowls and are an excellent topping for granola. Packed full of flavonoids and antioxidants, cocoa nibs also provide an amazing source of heathy beverages such as cocoa powder. Add cocoa nibs to hot water or milk to create delicious beverages; cocoa nibs can even be used as ingredients in baked goods like cookies and cakes as well as yogurt and oatmeal recipes!

Image by Tamanna Rumee from Pixabay

5) Nutritious Chocolate:-Add Dark Chocolate To Breakfast Bowls

Start your day right with a deliciously decadent breakfast by stirring one quarter cup of finely chopped dark chocolate into oatmeal or other hot breakfast cereals like muesli or granola, or use chopped dark chocolate as an interesting topping on fruits like banana, strawberries or figs sliced thin and served sliced. Or fold some chopped chocolate into yogurt or use it as part of an instant oatmeal packet!

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Chocolate can be an irresistibly delectable treat. When choosing your chocolate indulgences, be mindful of portion sizes and added sugar content when selecting healthier varieties. Cocoa itself provides antioxidants and fibre; so enjoy its goodness whenever desired! Now that you understand its beneficial properties you can indulge whenever desired!

However, you can take some steps to ensure it doesn’t become harmful for your health. First of all, select dark chocolate varieties over milk chocolate varieties; also avoid adding excessive sugar. By taking these steps you can enjoy cocoa without fearing how it may impact your wellbeing.